Insurance for your Water and Sewer Lines

For our #BusinessoftheWeek  and as a public service announcement, we have American Water Resources , .  Please share this info with anyone who is a #nycpropertyowner . This is the insurance company suggested by #DEP , #NYCdepartmentofEnvironmentalProtection  in #NewYorkCity and that will cover damage to your water line or sewer line. As you may know, the City is only responsible for the main water and  sewer lines  on the street and homeowners are responsible to maintain the lines from their houses to the connection with the main block lines on the street. Damage to these could be very costly and these are not covered by your typical #homeownersinsurance. This water and sewer lines insurances are a good value, and it is billed thru your water and sewer bill. Like they say, the best case scenario about #insurance is not needing it but having it in case you do.  As per NYC website, here is a summary:

The City offers a voluntary Water and Sewer Line Protection Program in partnership with American Water Resources (AWR), designed to help protect New York City homeowners from the unexpected costs of water or sewer line repairs. 

To be eligible, the property must:

  • Be residential or mixed-use
  • Be metered
  • Have a single service line that is 2 inches or less wide

Delinquent accounts are not eligible for this program.

The monthly cost for this protection is:

  • $7.07 for your water service line ($84.84 annually)
  • $11.92 for your sewer line ($143.04 annually)
  • $18.99 for both ($227.88 annually)

This charge will be included in your regular water and sewer bill.

  • Agency: American Water Resources
  • Phone Number: (888) 300-3570
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