Manuel Vargas is an absolutely terrific real estate agent

Manuel Vargas is an absolutely terrific real estate agent. He was there for us every step of the way. During the three years before we decided to move, he waited patiently and kept us posted from time to time .When I called, he came immediately, told us what was needed around the house, referred an excellent handyman to us, ran the comps, and presented the results to us. His research was thorough and impeccable. Another agent at another company did not have any evidence to support a guess at what our asking price should be. Manuel showed us a descripion and pictures of our competition, resulting in a brilliant asking price. Our team worked one long day with us and all was completed beautifully. The house was on the market within a week and sold in ten days. THANK YOU, MANUEL!!!!!!! Highly recommended. In addition, he has kept in touch with us and even helped us eight years later settle an escrow difficulty. YOU ARE THE BEST, MANUEL! Tops in his field. Honest, smart, and thorough. Claire Hunter nee Arnold.

— Claire Hunter